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Welcome to Polaris House

A Juneau Clubhouse
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Members of Polaris House have access to a variety of programs that can assist them with rehabilitation and recovery.

Members are encouraged to participate in our weekly movie days on Tuesdays and Fridays at 2:00pm. Camping has also been becoming a popular activity. These activities are a great opportunity to get to know staff and members outside of the Clubhouse and to have some fun on the weekends!

The Clubhouse can also offer support in pursuing educational goals, whether it is at the college level or working on and attaining a G.E.D. Polaris House also offers assistance in the search for housing and can help with accessing a variety of community resources.

Polaris House Mission Statement

Polaris House is an environment of mutual support dedicated to the development of the self-confidence necessary to live, learn, and work within a community of the member’s choice.

Confidentiality Statement

As an employee of the Polaris house, staff may have access to personal and confidential information. All Polaris House business must be strictly confidential, including but not limited to information concerning any person or client who has contacted or conferred with a Polaris House employee or volunteer on any matter concerning their illness or a family member’s illness, member and volunteer list etc. Polaris House and its staff are responsible for following all H.I.P.P.A. guidelines.

No one is permitted to remove or make copies of any Polaris House records, reports, documents, etc. without prior approval from the Executive Director. No information concerning any client of the Agency may be released to an outside party without the approval of the Executive Director. Requests for information concerning clients must be referred to the Executive Director. Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information is considered grounds for termination.


Polaris House is funded by: The Alaska Trust Authority; The Alaska DHSS Division of Behavioral Health; The Juneau Community Foundation; Pick, Click, Give; and local non-profit groups and donors like you.

Events at Polaris House

Hello Members of Polaris House! Do you want our Newsletter and notice about upcoming events? Please contact us at (907) 780-6775 or email us at

Polaris HouseĀ Board of Directors

If you are interested in becoming a Polaris House Board Member you can call Hazel LeCount at (907) 780-6775.

Board meetings are every third Thursday of the month at 5:30pm, open to all members and staff.

Weekly decision making meetings are every Wednesday at 9:00am. This is where members and staff join together to discuss any changes to the clubhouse or its activities that may be needed.

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