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What is a Clubhouse?

Polaris House is a clubhouse located in Juneau, Alaska. Much more than a day program or social service, a Clubhouse is a community of people working together toward a common goal of recovery from mental illness. We are accredited by the International Center for Clubhouse Development an organization dedicated to social rehabilitation for those with mental illness.

A clubhouse aims to empower members by involving them in every aspect of its operation. There is always much more work to be done than can be accomplished by the few employed staff. The skills, talents, and creative ideas and efforts of each member are needed and encouraged each day. Participation is voluntary, but each member is always invited to participate in the work of the clubhouse, which can include outreach, office work, reception, food service, and much more.

The daily activity of the clubhouse revolves around the work ordered day, which is an 8-hour period that models the typical business hours found in the community. Staff and members work side-by-side, as partners and colleagues, to complete the important work of the clubhouse, and for the clubhouse. Clubhouse and unit meetings are held daily to organize tasks and build relationships. Participating in the work ordered day can assist members in regaining confidence, purpose, and self-worth.

Like all clubhouses, Polaris House adheres to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. These standards guide everything from our operating philosophy to our day-to-day-activities. They also serve as a “bill of rights” for members, ensuring that clubhouses remain places of respect and opportunity.

Become a Member

Membership at Polaris House is without time limits and is completely voluntary. The only requirement for membership is that a person has a history of mental illness and be referred by a medical professional. Once a potential member has been referred, we can schedule an orientation time.

For more information please call 907-780-6775.

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